YOD Level 1 at 502 Power Yoga

YOD Level 1 at 502 Power Yoga

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The Promise of YOD Level 1:

You will be able to teach a 60-90 minute YOD. You will strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Live in integrity, move pain free and be happy.

Level 1:

During YOD Level 1, you will immerse yourself in the practices of YOD, meditation, and self-inquiry. You will raise the standards of your own possibility by removing the rocks in your life to experience the weekend and your life with purpose and passion.

The Results:

You will have knowledge of the YOD methodology, and how to implement it into your body. You will be able to teach an empowering 60 & 90 minute YOD class. You will experience the transformative power of YOD to align your body, mind & spirit with who you are, and who you will become.

The Who:

200 hour certified yoga teachers (or individuals currently enrolled in yoga teacher training) Or anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice. 

What is YOD?

YOD programming is designed to hit every aspect of your physical fitness, while creating mindfulness, and awareness of your body. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, speed, power, endurance, agility, coordination. Satisfying the needs that the world of physical fitness is in search of. Leave feeling empowered and calm. 

Who's it for:

200 hour certified yoga teacher (or currently enrolled in yoga teacher training) Anyone interested to deepen their YOD yoga practice and not teach. 


To teach YOD, teachers are required to be up to date with YOD teacher certification fees $20/month or the Studio you teach at is a YOD Affiliate


502 Power Yoga

Louisville, KY 


Friday 5 pm - 8 pm 

Sat 7 am -  5 pm

Sun 7 am - 2 pm 

You will learn how to teach a 60-90 minute YOD class! You will have your own personal breakthrough and leave with action steps towards your biggest YES.

You will move pain free, live in integrity and be happy!