21 YOD Transformation

21 YOD Transformation

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You will drop whatever is holding you back. Create a new way of being that you can embody and practice for the next 21 days on and off your mat. Establish lasting practices and patterns that create a healthy and happy life beyond the YOD Transformation program.

Move, breath, create your life 

All via zoom at 11 am cst time zone for 1 hour 

Why should I take the challenge?

You should take this challenge because it meets you where you are at and it helps you set a foundation to create one habit to move toward the direction you want to go.  It's simple and impactful.  


What purpose does the challenge serve?

It's purpose is for you to really make that change in one area of your life that you've been wanting a shift.  With that one shift, it shifts your whole life. 

Who is this for?

It's for anyone looking for community, support, mindful practices and insights to a spot in your life that seems stuck.  

What will we be doing?

We will be doing yoga, yoga + HIIT, meditation, intention and goal setting.  With 1 live coaching meeting a week. 

Why should I do it?

You should do it because this format will allow you to really take action in your life. Not just and idea or thought in your head.  It will start to happen and become a part of your life and being. 


What you get:

Yoga and HIIT classes

Meditation recordings 

4 - live weekly group coaching calls

E- book to stay organized 

Emails with meditations and other resources to set up for success 

Steps on how to set goals and intentions and how to live them out