3 Soul Healing Journeys
3 Soul Healing Journeys

3 Soul Healing Journeys

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Soul healing with Danielle gets you access to release things that aren't you and retrieve parts of you, you have lost a long the way.  So that you can step into more of who you are, create impact and live out your highest potential. 

3 sessions for $333

session one: we will start with conversation to see where you are feeling stuck or unclear.  Ill do a journey to also help you extract anything that isn't yours that can be why you are feeling not like yourself or out of alignment and fill that space with more of who you are.  

seasion two: we will continue from session one and retrieve a part of you that has been lost over the years.  I could be from any experience that you have felt like it was traumatizing or hurtful.  Here that soul part will be brought back to you and integrated.


session three: I will give you a practice or ritual that will help you continue to integrate this new way of being and that you continue to align back to who you are.  It's not becoming something new, it's becoming more who you already are.  


these can be done in person or on zoom live.  All you need to do is come with an intention, be comfortable and open to the work.  During the session you will lay down on your back relaxed and ill drum and. 

Come ready for soul healing so that you can be the innovator you know you are and make and impact now and beyond.